Doctor, I want to make my nose looks higher !

Please read the post before you do so

An unfortunate man developed blindness and nose necrosis after filler injection for nose augmentation.

Often Dr.Karen and Chris rejected our own #Skinleaf clients for nose augmentation by using Filler injection. Undoubtedly filler injection produces much better and immediate result compare to nose thread but it carries high risk of complication such as nose necrosis and blindness 

Filler injection for nose augmentation produces fast and satisfactory result but it carries risk of complication.


Anatomical knowledge make us different from beautician 

Anatomical knowledge is extremely important in each aesthetic procedure. However even for an experience doctor, sometimes we cannot avoid risk of complication as anatomical distribution is different in each individual !

Of all possible complications following aesthetic treatment with dermal fillers, perhaps none is as dramatic or terrifying as accidental intravascular injection, which involves partial or complete vascular compromise resulting from filler injection into the arterial system. This complication may result in either local and/or distant ischemic necrosis. Considering that patients are treated with fillers for relatively minor aesthetic complaints, the risk and severity of this complication is so out of proportion with the expected outcome as to be profoundly alarming to physicians. Fortunately, these adverse events (AE) are extremely rare. However, with the increasing popularity of filler treatments, the prevalence of rare complications will increase in proportion to the number of procedures as a statistical certainty

Filler contains hyaluronic acid. Accidental injection of filler into an end artery of nose can causes thrombosis (leading to nose necrosis), in worst scenario, emboli (Clot) may travel retrogradely and proximally to the central retinal artery’s branching point causing obstruction and eventually lead to blindness.

From business’s point of view, earning from filler injection for nose augmentation is good but We #skinleaf cannot afford to put our clients into such risk. It’s indeed unethical and dangerous. #Skinleaf Aesthetic always emphasize on safe procedure, comprehensive care before and after each procedure as well as follow up care.

With that, #skinleaf really hope this post can raise some awareness to all the people out there. 

Bottom line, get procedure done by doctors but not beautician 

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