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A.by Bom Ultra Cool Leaf Mask Pack 婴儿叶子面膜 (10pcs/boxes)


A.by Bom Ultra Cool Leaf Mask Pack

  • By BOM Super Power Baby Ultra Leaf 2 Steps Mask Pack
  • 2017 Brand New Sheet Mask pack
  • 2 Step Cool Down and Anti Wrinkle Care Sheet Mask Pack
  • STEP 1 : Cool Leaf Patch (4 pcs x 6ml)
  • STEP 2 : Ultra Cool Leaf Mask (1 sheets x 25ml)

A.byBOM婴儿叶子面膜 (10/)

  • 双倍补水美白的部位
  • 皱纹眼袋改善的部位
  • 晒伤长痘敏感的部位
  • 熊猫眼黑色素的部位
  • 清润新生补水面膜100%强化冰凝叶功效,保湿护理统统双倍
  • 第一个步骤:叶子部分 (4 pcs x 6ml)
  • 第二个步骤:面膜部分 (1 sheets x 25ml)
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Product Description

How to Use?

This is a two step mask. They come in one attached packet, and you separate them by tearing. First, there are four tiny leaf shape masks, with the purpose of intense care and relief, and anti-wrinkle focus. They are called A1 step, and you can place them anywhere you wish to focus on

The full sheet mask (A2 step) is applied over the top, for cooling and hydrating skin.

The idea is double the masks, double the soothing and care.


A1 step:  For A1, the essence is a viscous clear liquid with some slip when applied to skin.

A2 step:   For A2, the essence is thick, clear, and gel-like. I prefer gel consistency, as it doesn’t run all down my face.



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