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Hanhoo Floral Extract Moisturizing Package 韩后花痴水漾美肌乐享礼盒

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This well known HanHoo Moisturizing set effectively replenish aqua for skin, regulate skin water and oil balance, deeply moisturize, make skin full moist, delicate as silk; plant is rich in vitamin C, effectively dilute the skin pigment printing, reduce the deposition of melanin, make skin white and bright, smooth and silky.


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Product Description

Hanhoo - the famous skin care brand founded in 2009, China. It is the first company to launch natural skin care brand product. Under its "made in natural" philosophy. Hanhoo is growing rapidly and exploded in the market very successful. Until today, Hanhoo receive many Beauty Awards since 2010. Besides, they are also one of the main sponsorship for "The Voice of China" and "Duets China". Foremost, I shall introduce you the brand Ambassador of Hanhoo, Huang XiaoMing, Gianna Jun a.k.a Jun Ji Hyun and the latest, Kim Soo-Hyun

This Hanhoo Floral Extract SkinCare Set include 8 products. It contains 4 kind of exclusive natural plant ingredient : Rose, Camellia, Orchid, Chamomile to improve the Vitality of the skin


Package includes:

  • Hanhoo Moisturize Cleansing Gel 100g
  • Hanhoo Beauty Water 120ml
  • Hanhoo Moisturize Lotion Gel 100g
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Sleeping Mask 100g
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Essence Pro 10ml
  • Hanhoo Beauty Water (Travel kit) 15ml
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Facial Cream  8g
  • Hanhoo Moisture Essence 5g


  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿啫喱 100g
  • 带走毛孔深处的污垢和老废角质,泡沫细腻丰富,深层洁净。
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿美容液 120ml
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿凝露 100g
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿睡眠面膜 100g
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿提升精华液 10ml
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿美容液 15ml
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿霜 5g
  • 韩后花痴水漾保湿睡眠面膜 8g

This Hanhoo skin care set act as daily moisturizer and suitable for all types of skin particularly for  those with dry  and dehydrated skin.

Product components : chamo-milia , rose damascene , epipactis helleborine , mountain camellia


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1 review for Hanhoo Floral Extract Moisturizing Package 韩后花痴水漾美肌乐享礼盒

  1. ying ying

    liked it!It’s really a genuine product and good to use. The website service also good and so fast received the stock.

    • SkinLeaf Support

      Thank you for your comment. This is indeed one of the most quality product in skin care industry

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