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Nose Necrosis Following Filler Injection. PRP – Safest Procedure

Doctor, I want to make my nose looks higher ! Please read the post before you do so An unfortunate man developed blindness and nose necrosis after filler injection for nose augmentation. Often Dr.Karen and Chris rejected our own #Skinleaf clients for nose augmentation by using Filler…

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment For Hair Loss in Selangor & KL. Best Hair Loss Treatment Solutions

Rich Platelet (PRP) | Hair Loss Treatment | Selangor & KL | 血清增发治疗. Myth or Reality? The dialogue about hair treatment products thus far may lead you to believe there is nothing safe or even honest about what is being promoted as women hair loss…

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What is Platelet-rich plasma | Selangor & KL | Malaysia |自体细胞回春术

Platelet-rich plasma | Selangor & KL | Malaysia |自体细胞回春术 Have you heard about platelet-rich plasma yet? If you deal with pain, arthritis or injuries, then you’re going to want to read up about this revolutionary procedure. Commonly referred to as PRP, it’s used in prolotherapy…

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